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  2. https://discord.gg/zwCPnqT
  3. Hello Liam, There shouldn't be a password on it. Here is the discord: https://discord.gg/wN2mYv
  4. Hi, My name is Liam, im from Canada , i stumbled across this place while searching for a GmodRacer server and you guys seem to have the only one. ive missed playing it for 5 years, id love to be able to hop on (it looks password protected or i would have) and help out with it if at all possible and join the community
  5. list of players who played before the server was reset
  6. EDIT: It's actually not as broken as I first thought and a decent server 🙂
  7. Evening all, Joined the server in the hopes that the gmod racer server was still up and running, but it looks half broken and abandoned. I hope this isn't the case! :)
  8. Hi Forgotten Kuroku, have you joined the discord? You can also reach us on there. https://discord.gg/md6FCbS
  9. SteamName: Forgotten Kuroko Describe the bug: The advent calendar in the pointshop 2 seems to not have been configured. How to replicate: A message will display saying just that when you try to claim the reward of the day. Screenshots of the bug:
  10. Fixed. Don't vote for maps with no textures until we get them fixed.
  11. SteamName: President's Choice Describe the bug: Server is stuck on Course Select screen
  12. That has not been finished yet but should be soon. I will refund you for it next time I see you.
  13. Hi Forgotten Kuroko, You can open the pointshop with !shop. The F4 shortcut doesn't work right now for some reason.
  14. Username: Forgotten Kuroko Username of the offender: r6mcginnis Offense: He's been trolling and playing only to annoy and bother the rest of the players, going in the wrong track of the top gear map to hit other players on purpose and going slower just to ram slower players and kill them in race maps. He's also been wasting time on a demolition map while we were alone just to annoy me and make me disconnect. Witnesses: I love my bike, a japanese/chinese guy (I'm sorry I can't give his actual username, I can't type it), a girl (I'm sorry I don't remember her username, but at least it's a girl name). Evidence: I only got a screenshot, but I hope it's more than enough to prove my words.
  15. SteamName: Forgotten Kuroko Describe the bug: Demolition maps won't finish rounds when there's only one (1) player left, thus forcing said player to kill themselves to start a new round. How to replicate: On any demolition map, leave a single player alive. Screenshots of the bug: Attached to the post.
  16. SteamName: Forgotten Kuroko Describe the bug: PointShop 2 won't open when people press f4. How to replicate: Hitting f4 to try to open the pointshop. Screenshots of the bug: It's hard to take a screenshot of something that doens't happen.
  17. SteamName: Forgotten Kuroko Describe the bug: People can't go into third person while driving their cars, although there's a really small window when a race is about to start right after the cars spawn to change it, but then you can't change it back until the next window. How to replicate: Hit Ctrl and behold the magic of the first person not changing to third person. Screenshots of the bug: Yeah, this is a little tricky to get a screenshot of.
  18. I bought the adjustable gearbox upgrade from the parts shop, but I don't know how to change it. Any help please?
  19. SteamName: Forgotten Kuroko Describe the bug: Using the rear spike causes the server to crash randomly (race not starting, records not being saved...). How to replicate: Just buying the single rear spike upgrade before getting in a race. Screenshots of the bug: Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the incident I had (I bought the single rear spike and when the race was supposed to start, everyone was still frozen in the air as if the race didn't start).
  20. Hello everyone, my username is Forgotten Kuroko, I've played gmod since a long time ago (a time when underdone wasn't even an idea and there was even a space-traveling gamemode named freelancer most probably don't even remember or know) and I always liked gmod racer, even though I'm not one for car racing games.
  21. Hi, I'm Michael G Rockholt Or MGR For Short, I've Been In Garry's Mod Since 2016 One Of My First Steam Games I Got Was Garry's Mod When I Was 16 Teen Years Old Back Then I Had No Idea How To Make Anything Or Even The Idea Of How To Make That Stuff However After Playing The Game For About 3 Years Now I Can Edit Photons And Make Them For Most Lua Vehicles In Garry's Mod Same For Making Skins For Vehicles Inside The Game But Wanted To Start Learning More As Far As Developments Goes Inside Garry's Mod Servers Etc : For Short I'm a guy with many skills 😄 Here Are Some Cars I've Worked On Before Through Out My Time Frame Of Being On Garry's Mod https://imgur.com/a/aiVbFKn
  22. Everyone get together and race on Garry's Mod Racer.
  23. I'll still play but I don't know if we'll be online at the same time because I live on the west coast of the US.
  24. Welcome to NoxiousGamers mate! We will, Xwing & I are tired from development and will be playing here soon, we are taking a break from gmodracer!
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