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  1. Welcome to NoxiousGamers mate! We will, Xwing & I are tired from development and will be playing here soon, we are taking a break from gmodracer!
  2. Noxious GModRacer Change-log { Work in Progress } Legend [ Update ] [ Changed ] [ Removed ] [ Added ] [ Fixed ] [ WIP ] Version: 1.0.0 [ Basic Gamemode ] [ Fixed ] { Clientside } Fixed cash not being removed after buying parts. [ Fixed ] { JeepCompileData } Issue with jeep data not properly being wrote to a .txt file for each individual jeep causing the server to crash right when the jeep spawns. [ Added ] { Serverside } Added commands so admin's can compensate players. (Soon to be released). Converted from SQLite to MySQL. [ Added ] { Shared } Added a default Playermodel. [ Fixed ] { Serverside } Fixed cash not being added with givecash <player> <amount>. [ WIP ] { Server, Shared, Client } Prestige System. Version 1.1.0 [ Update #1 ] [ Changed ] { Clientside } Changing all GUI & Derma Panels colors to match community colors. [ Fixed ] { Serverside } When in your jeep outside of the race, when race started you would just explode instead of spawn into the race track. [ Fixed ] { Serverside } Removed all implements of AssMod and changing everything over to ULX. [ Fixed ] { Serverside } VIP calls in the script only worked with a boolen value instead of a string for ULX. [ Changed ] [ Update ] { Gamemode DIR } Redid/ cleaned up & moved Server, Shared, Client files in their own folders for better organization and easier for development. [ Added ] [ Changed ] { Up-gradable Parts } Added and changed all models for every buy-able part with HD models for a more Modern up to date appearance. [ Added ] Pointshop 2 Version 1.1.5 [ Update #2 ] [ Added ] { Jeep Vehicle Script } We pulled an additional 11 config-able options for when producing future parts for the cars. [ Added ] [ Changed ] { Garage Menu } Your jeep's info in the F2 Menu to represent all new value's & better math to accurately calculate the data shown. [ Fixed ] { Part - Brake(s) } We changed how the brakes work & stopping the jeep from spinning out when boosting around turns. [ Fixed ] [ Changed ] { Records-board } Fixed incorrect data being displayed on the Record's board. Version 1.2.0 [ Update #3 ] [ Update ] [ Changed ] { Map Icon's } Created all non-existent Icons for each map for VoteMap .DermaPanel [ Update ] [ Changed ] { Part Icon's } Took every part icon and made all icons with a darker background and added new icon's for our newer parts. [ Update ] [ Changed ] { Outside of race } Completely redid & Modernized all GUI elements. [ Update ] [ Changed ] { While Racing } Completely redid & Modernized all GUI elements.
  3. So that's what causes that client bug. Well holly crap, I'll look into that this weekend. We couldn't figure out what was causing it. Thanks so much, Doc.
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    Mute button

    Thank for pointing that out. I have been thinking of making a custom scoreboard & reworking that aspect in. As of right now, 13TH Joker, x_wing195 & me have lost weeks of sleep to get this point. I will most certainly look into as a quick fix. We 3 need a vacation from this gamemode to relax. Amazing suggestion, Kinda regards, Doc.
  5. Welcome to NoxiousGamers, If your wanting to help with development pm me or joker on discord!
  6. GmodRacer: The server will be going through updates but is open to the public, we will be having our grand opening soon! Minecraft: https://noxiousgamers.com/index.php?/files/file/1-noxiouscraft/ NoxiousCraft is officially up and running
  7. SteamName: Describe the bug: How to replicate: Screenshots of the bug:
  8. Forum Rules 1. Do not necropost, etc. Bump a 2 month old thread. This rule does not apply provided you are posting something relevant to the topic. 2. Do not make a post leaking anyone's personal information such as their name or address. 3. Do not flame in a thread. This also applies to making threads as a form of attacking the person, this will not be tolerated. 4. Do not make posts with one word in it. 5. Do not make off-topic posts. 6. This is an obvious one but do not advertise anything unless given permission by Doc. Kill Born. 7. Another obvious one, no spam. 8. Do not post anything regarding religion or race which will offend others. It will only cause drama. 9. Don't troll these boards at anytime. 10. Do not post any pornography or links to pornography at any given time. 11. No leaking of any personal information of anyone at anytime. This will result in a serious punishment. 12. Do not double post, if it is on accident then you may get a warning but if you continue to double post in threads then it will be dealt with. 13. Do not post-whore, etc. post random or useless posts. 14. Make sure to use the search function on the forums if you are unsure if a thread has been made with the topic you wish to create a thread about or not. 15. Do not copy/plagiarize the work of anyone on these boards, people might have taken time to do/write/make something which they don't want copied and/or re-edited without their permission. 16. Do not access the forums with another account if your main account has been banned. If we have banned you and made it so you cannot access these boards, it means you cannot read/view/post content because of an infraction, your account(s) may have bans extended or even permanently banned. 17. Do not imitate the identity of anyone, this is taken seriously. 18. Do not quote other people and leave that as your only comment. Its fine to quote people but leave a bit of your own text on the post aswell. 19. Do not post image macros/reaction pictures in any section except for spam. 20. You need owner authorization to make a thread about leaving the community due to the mass amounts of drama they cause in most cases. 21. Keep anything MLP, anime, furry, etc related in threads specifically about those topics. 22. NoxiousGamers is an English community, so speak English. This includes the forums, servers and Discord. 23. Do not abuse the *report to moderator* function on a post. Only report a post if it violates forum rules. 24. Do not make threads suggesting that we should "find more admins" or start admin applications or anything else of the sort. Those threads, seen in any board, will be instantly locked or removed. There have been several discussions about this. 25. Do not promote piracy on the forums such as posting links to cracked programs or advising members to go to certain sites or obtain programs in an illegal way, etc. This includes the server & discord too. 26. Do not remove/edit out an administrator's warning issued on your post. These statements are added/edited into your post so other administrator's do not punish you for the same incident twice. 27. No spoilers. Do not spoil shows, video games, etc. This will result in a very, very long ban 28. Do not cause unnecessary drama. Threads with controversial topics may be locked. If these rules are broken a certain amount of times you will be forum banned temporarily. Repeated offenses after the temporary ban may get you a longer ban and may eventually get you permanently banned from these boards depending if the offenses are severe or not. In any case, don't break the above rules and no problems will occur. THESE RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME, WITH OR WITHOUT WARNING. NOXIOUSGAMERS.COM WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF YOU FAIL TO KEEP YOURSELF UPDATED WITH THESE RULES.
  9. NoxiousGamers Community user policy NoxiousGamers is a Garry's Mod community founded and controlled by a group of friends. Were not like other communities, our community was founded on old friends re-uniting with the love & passion for gaming. We would like to keep it as personal as possible. Everyone is allowed to join the community. If you want to wear our tag [NG] just remember you're representing us. Section I-a Code of conduct - Servers 1.1 Everyone who plays on our server or has registered to this website will automatically accept everything in this policy. If you do not accept the terms and conditions of our community, your not allowed to play on our servers or participate on the forums. 1.2 Every user must show respect to all other players including NoxiousStaff in all servers, in particular, don't harass anyone. Swearing is allowed; we're not kindergarten teachers. 1.3 Every user must play fair when playing on one of our servers and broswing the forums. If we catch someone cheating (this includes scripts & exploits) or hacking we will ban that person(s) permanently across all platform. We accept macro keys and the following scripts: Auto-clicker, auto-user, auto-reload. When in doubt, ask an admin or higher before you decide to use it on one of the servers. Section I-b Code of conduct - Forum 1.8 Click here for the detailed forum guidelines. 1.9 Do not double post, use EDIT. Only exception is a bump for an update of something or otherwise important information 1.10 Do not kick up dead threads (older than a week) unless you have something really interesting to add. 1.11 Stay on topic. Do not make useless posts and especially no useless threads. Do not make bump replies to bump a thread. No spam. 1.12 No trolling or flaming. Be nice to other people. 1.13 Use quote system properly, don't quote an entire message but only what's relevant. If there is a picture in the message your quoting, replace the picture by: "[picture]" with maybe a link to the picture. Section 2 Ranking system 2.1 Community core members 2.1.1 HeadAdmin The highest rank in the community. Unlike other communities (where admins are actually just moderating) our staff helps with aid in development of the website, customizing the gamemodes. 2.1.2 SeniorAdmin, Admin, Moderator SeniorAdmin(s), Admin(s) & Moderator(s) are community core member(s) which is assigned to moderate the servers and help the users when they have a question. Moderators are being selected via a moderator election. 2.2 Community user ranks 2.2.1 Trusted A trusted member of the community. You will be able to get this rank if you are trusted by the admins of the community. Trustees are helper(s) of the moderators, they are there to keep order on the server and support other players. Trustees are selected with player-files, to see more information about player-files, please look here. 2.2.2 Member A regular member of the community. You will be able to get this rank when you play on regular base and are able to follow the rules. Regular members are provided with the kick rank and are there to moderate the server when there are no Trustees or Moderators on the server. 2.2.3Â User Have no particular rights on a server, whereas, respectable forum users are naturally more respected. 2.2.4 Premium As a premium member you gain access to some extra tools or abilities (depending on the server/gamemode). 2.3 Terms and conditions regarding ranked players Section 3 Donations 3.1 If you are ordering premium status the money you spend will be considered as a "present", as a thank for present we will give you a NG premium status (premium status on forum, more tools, weapons and features) in return. We're trading presents, not selling the premium status! 3.2 If a donating player seriously abuses his rights, privileges or extra tools some of his abilities may be removed for a certain amount of time. If abusive behavior continues we will cancel your premium status without any refund. 3.3 As a NG premium you will receive the abilities stated on the "premium" page. 3.4 Privacy Policy: This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone. 3.5 Refund Policy: If you didn't receive your NG premium status within the upcoming 48 hours you will receive a full refund and get the product for free. After this period of 48 hours we do not offer refunds. When NG is, for some reason, being stopped we will not refund your money. Thank you for reading this, Enjoy playing, Noxious Staff
  10. Promotion Guide A lot of you people have probably been wondering: How do I get promoted to a higher rank within this community? The answer is simple but the way to it is rather complicated. Your promotion is being processed in a few steps which are going to be explained in this thread. If you've read this entire thread and still don't know how our promotion system works, feel free to shoot us a question via Steam, via PM or via Discord. Step one: Get Recognized At the beginning of your life in NG you are considered a user of the community. We tend to call this status "unranked", since you have no specific rights on the server which can affect the gameplay. You can get recognized in a positive way if you play regularly on our servers and if the moderation team sees that you understand and respect the rules. However, since the moderation team is most of the times really busy with moderating the server, there is a chance that they will miss an amazing player like you and that you don't get recognized as a regular player. This is the reason why a lot of people give up at this moment. To get recognized more easily, get us to know you! Hang out on the forums and on Discord, and there's bound to be someone who'll recommend you for Regular in no-time! Step two: The Player-File Unlike other communities, where the administrators decide who is getting a promotion or not, NG has a different more democratic and effective system. We have player-files. Player-files are threads which are only visible by community core members with the rank Owner, Co-Owner, HeadAdmin, Senior-Admin, Developer, Admin, Moderator. Once you get recognized as a regular player of this community, a community core member will make player-file for you where they write what they think about you and in some cases they request for a promotion: Step three: The Discussion The other community core members post the positive and negative about you and sometimes ask questions about your activity or your reliability. All the posts in the player-files by the community core members are restricted and will NEVER be provided to players outside the community core. Please do not ask for information about your player-file and please do not force a community core member to make one for you. Once a community core member has leaked information from the player-files to unauthorized players, please report them to one of the "Owners / Co-Owners". Step four: The Promotion When the discussion is over and we all came to a certain conclusion about your status, an owner will confirm the promotion by posting a message in your player-file with your new rank. The owner who confirmed your promotion will provide you with some useful information about your new rank and he will also provide you with the terms and conditions which are related to your newly gained rank. You have to carefully read through those term and conditions. If you agree please notify the owner about it. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, we will not provide you with the rank. Finally you will be added to the global rank system!
  11. To Whom It May Concern Rank instruction, terms and conditions Before you use your rank, it is demanded that you read this page carefully. This is a manual to the usage of your powers, and as well a contract of terms and conditions. With power comes responsibility, so you will need to read and accept all statements on this page and thereby pledge to use your powers in a proper way. You must understand that the commands available are not toys, and are to be handled with respect. If you do not agree with this page, you can make your objection and refuse the rank. Accepting the rank means that you have accepted everything in this document. Responsible use of the powers As a higher rank you will have to set an example for the other players in the server. You are aware of the rules stated in the !motd which you have read and understand. You play by these rules, and have the authority to warn someone when they do not. If someone seems to intentionally break rules, or simply doesn't care, you can use your powers to punish this person accordingly. You will never use your powers out of anger or hate against someone. You will never use your powers exclusively for personal gains or someone else's. You will always separate your personal feelings from the case. You understand that taking action against a rulebreaker: -is NOT to have avenge what he did. -IS to make him learn, and NOT just to punish him. You will always try to reason with someone rather than blindly dishing out a punishment based on the facts. If someone understands his mistake, a lower punishment (or only a warning) is enough. The player will now play by the rules, which is the ultimate goal rather than getting rid of everyone who made a mistake. In other words: "It is about teaching, not about punishing." Of course the only exception to this is a person who purposefully cheats or intentionally breaks the rules. Multiple servers You will wield this rank on all NG servers. It is possible that you are not familiar with other gamemodes. Always make sure you have sufficient knowledge of the gamemode, its rules and the way it is moderated before you take action. When you are in doubt, do not take any action and refer to the !MOTD. You can also ask higher ranks on what to do. It is recommended to use Discord for this. Misuse caused by insufficient knowledge may still result in global demotion. The NG moderation system You will have certain powers available to you on the NG servers, but you can not always use them. You must refrain from using your powers when there are actively moderating players with a higher rank. Exceptions to this are if all of the higher ranks are AFK or tell you to "go ahead". Kicking someone while a higher rank is about to ban or interrogate the subject is counterproductive to the system and can be frustrating. Abuse and demotion Misuse of the powers granted may result in instant demotion and/or punishment. NG has the right to strip a rank without negotiation or notice, also NG is not required to state a reason for any action taken. Relatively minor offenses result in a demotion, in worse cases the offender may also receive a community wide ban of any length determined by NG.
  12. Welcome to Noxious Gamers, My nick name is Doc. or just Justin. I am the owner of NoxiousGamers, I have spent the last 15 years of my life playing this game since 2004 when the game launched in it's infancy. Hope to you all around the forums, servers and I hope you all enjoy stay.
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    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
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