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Forgotten Kuroko

[Trolling on Gmod Racer server] r6mcginnis

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Username: Forgotten Kuroko

Username of the offender: r6mcginnis

Offense: He's been trolling and playing only to annoy and bother the rest of the players, going in the wrong track of the top gear map to hit other players on purpose and going slower just to ram slower players and kill them in race maps. He's also been wasting time on a demolition map while we were alone just to annoy me and make me disconnect.

Witnesses: I love my bike, a japanese/chinese guy (I'm sorry I can't give his actual username, I can't type it), a girl (I'm sorry I don't remember her username, but at least it's a girl name).

Evidence: I only got a screenshot, but I hope it's more than enough to prove my words.509657809_2019-11-19(4).thumb.png.34fc49c20ae4c1512b96ff3044ad7187.png

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