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Forum Rules

1. Do not necropost, etc. Bump a 2 month old thread. This rule does not apply provided you are posting something relevant to the topic.

2. Do not make a post leaking anyone's personal information such as their name or address.

3. Do not flame in a thread. This also applies to making threads as a form of attacking the person, this will not be tolerated.

4. Do not make posts with one word in it.

5. Do not make off-topic posts.

6. This is an obvious one but do not advertise anything unless given permission by Doc. Kill Born.

7. Another obvious one, no spam.

8. Do not post anything regarding religion or race which will offend others. It will only cause drama.

9. Don't troll these boards at anytime.

10. Do not post any pornography or links to pornography at any given time.

11. No leaking of any personal information of anyone at anytime. This will result in a serious punishment.

12. Do not double post, if it is on accident then you may get a warning but if you continue to double post in threads then it will be dealt with.

13. Do not post-whore, etc. post random or useless posts.

14. Make sure to use the search function on the forums if you are unsure if a thread has been made with the topic you wish to create a thread about or not.

15. Do not copy/plagiarize the work of anyone on these boards, people might have taken time to do/write/make something which they don't want copied and/or re-edited without their permission.

16. Do not access the forums with another account if your main account has been banned. If we have banned you and made it so you cannot access these boards, it means you cannot read/view/post content because of an infraction, your account(s) may have bans extended or even permanently banned.

17. Do not imitate the identity of anyone, this is taken seriously.

18. Do not quote other people and leave that as your only comment. Its fine to quote people but leave a bit of your own text on the post aswell.

19. Do not post image macros/reaction pictures in any section except for spam.

20. You need owner authorization to make a thread about leaving the community due to the mass amounts of drama they cause in most cases.

21. Keep anything MLP, anime, furry, etc related in threads specifically about those topics.

22. NoxiousGamers is an English community, so speak English. This includes the forums, servers and Discord.

23. Do not abuse the *report to moderator* function on a post. Only report a post if it violates forum rules.

24. Do not make threads suggesting that we should "find more admins" or start admin applications or anything else of the sort. Those threads, seen in any board, will be instantly locked or removed. There have been several discussions about this.

25. Do not promote piracy on the forums such as posting links to cracked programs or advising members to go to certain sites or obtain programs in an illegal way, etc. This includes the server & discord too.

26. Do not remove/edit out an administrator's warning issued on your post. These statements are added/edited into your post so other administrator's do not punish you for the same incident twice.

27. No spoilers. Do not spoil shows, video games, etc. This will result in a very, very long ban

28. Do not cause unnecessary drama. Threads with controversial topics may be locked.

If these rules are broken a certain amount of times you will be forum banned temporarily. Repeated offenses after the temporary ban may get you a longer ban and may eventually get you permanently banned from these boards depending if the offenses are severe or not. In any case, don't break the above rules and no problems will occur.


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